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Are You Overwhelmed?

Help With WordPress Now Sample SiteOwning or running a business is not an easy task.  There is so much to do to make the business successful.  Online marketing is a major factor in the success of many businesses and an effective, engaging website can make a huge difference. Most everyone involved in any type of online or internet business looking for a website has heard of WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows end users, just like you, to add or edit content on their website without the knowledge of website programming or coding languages like PHP, HTML, CSS or Javascript.

In general this is what happens!

You have a great idea about starting an online business and creating a website to attract potential customers or clients.  You buy a domain name, most likely from GoDaddy, sign up, create a web hosting account and get “stuck in a rut”, not exactly sure what’s next.  You spend countless hours reading online documents and “how to” pages on getting your new website up and running.  Granted, WordPress is amazing, but it’s not exactly easy or user friendly when you are trying to design and develop your site.  Once the site is created, making changes and adding content is fairly simple but getting the site built is a pretty high hurdle if you have no experience.  What theme do you select?  Should you buy a theme or find one that is Free. (Yes there are FREE themes).  What’s a plugin?  Do you need plugins? Then there are widgets.  What in God’s name is a widget? This is where we come in.

Website Development & WordPress Experts

Help With WordPress Now Sample SiteWe are website development and WordPress experts and have been designing, developing and customizing WordPress websites since WordPress was  released in 2003.  Whether you have a standard business or organization website, blogging website or e-commerce website, we can help you design, develop and customize it so that it is as effective as possible.  Here at we are not only expert developers and programmers but we know how to reach, attract and engage your potential customers and clients in way that will bring you attention. Regardless of how long you have been in business, 1 day or 100 years we can help your business or organization grow.

What our clients tell us:

“I wanted a site and contacted several web developers in my area.  I felt comfortable with and hired someone I thought I could trust.  I paid them a few thousand dollars for a website that they never completed. I was left “out in the cold”. I wasted a large amount of money and time and had nothing to show for it.”

We have heard this scenario time and time again. We do not dwell on the problem we are the solution! We will design and develop a state of the art, top notch website for you that will bring you business.

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